If you google ‘baby shower gift ideas’ or even ‘gift ideas for a new Mum’- you will get loads of present suggestions for the baby!

I loved opening all those cute baby clothes, but, if I’m being honest, I already had so many baby items at home and baby’s don’t need much!

At my first baby shower in 2015, one of my friends bought ME a gift. It was a basket full of items such as soup, panadol as well as a book to record my thoughts and feelings. It made me feel so loved and acknowledged as a Mum that I still to this day, remember that gift and how it gave me the warm and fuzzies.

If you are searching for a baby shower gift for a Mum to be, then read on! I’ve listed my top 12 gift ideas for new Mums that she will actually need & love!

    1. A food subscription for the first two weeks postpartum - both Mummy & Daddy will love this present. They will be so loved up and exhausted that cooking a meal just isn’t on their radar. A food subscription such as ‘hello fresh’, will provide them with their food and recipes (delivered) and they’ll be singing your praises forever.

    2. A massage voucher - consider purchasing from a mobile masseuse so that Mum can choose to have a massage in a quiet room in her house. If the thought of leaving baby makes her fearful, this is a thoughtful option.

    3. Mamas After Birth Care & Pamper Kit (https://afterbirthcare.shop/collections/all-products/products/mama-after-birth-care-pamper-kit) If she is a new Mum, she might not be aware of the body pains that come postpartum. And if she is a seasoned Mum, she will be all too familiar! This gift has Care items to help heal the tender areas as well as some pamper products such as a soothing eye mask for her tired eyes.

    4. Cleaning! - you can get creative and design some homemade vouchers that say you will come over during those first few weeks and clean and tidy the house. I still remember sitting on the couch and feeling completely helpless as I watched the laundry pile grow and the dishes start piling up. Hubby was great but he also needed a break! This will help Mum (& Dad) so much!

    5. A ‘movie’ hamper - I’m talking about dvds, yummy foods and drinks (non alcoholic). She’ll be too sore to move much and with a sleeping baby, will appreciate having something to watch when she isn’t staring at her baby. Consider baby related movies such as baby mama & what to expect when you’re expecting!

    6. A photography session - those early days go by so fast! What better way to capture Mummy, partner & baby than some stunning photographs to hang in the home forever?

    7. A clothing voucher - She will most likely be living in maternity bras and singlets so what better way to make her feel special than for her to have the option to purchase some nice breastfeeding friendly (if she chooses to do so) clothes! A+ if you purchase from a shop that she can order online from too. Sometimes Mums just aren’t up for getting out the house!

    8. A caddy for all her stuff! - This will save Mum from having to get up and down constantly as she can just reach to her caddy! If you want to go the extra mile, consider filling it with nappies, wipes, a lip balm for her, moisturizer and some yummy snacks!  

      Kmart have a few options - my favourites are:
    9. A hair appointment - she can use this before or after baby is born! It will have her feeling fresh and healthy and something less to worry about.

    10. A nice nappy bag! - there are so many nice ones on the market these days! I   found that my favourite go to nappy bag was a specially designed backpack that has lots of compartments. It was super convenient and hubby loved that he could use it too if he needed.
    11. A portable phone charger - she might get trapped under her sleeping baby and only have her phone for comfort. A portable charger will save her from getting the dreaded ‘low battery’ message.

      JB Hi Fi has a wide range to choose from.

    12. Wireless headphones - my husband bought me wireless Bluetooth ones when he noticed the chord to my normal ones kept getting tangled or kicked when I had sleeping baby on me! This was a game changer. I also loved that I could listen to the tv through my headphones!
      JB Hi Fi has a wide range to choose from.


Let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions - leave them down below!!


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