Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding Essentials

Breastfeeding Essentials

Throughout the breastfeeding/pumping journey, breasts go through many tender changes. Our essentials kit is perfect for Mums who feel they need some support on their journey.

We care about what you are putting in and on your body.  Our breastfeeding care kits are filled with Natural and Organic products sourced from within Australia.



  • Nursing Balm 50ml - The Physic Garden
  • 4 sets of Reusable Nursing Pads - Miss Mae Studio


NURSING BALM - The Physic Garden

Nursing Balm combines natural oils and herbs, Calendula, Lavender & Blessed Thistle, traditionally used by breastfeeding mums to moisturise dry, cracked nipples. It can also be used by mums-to-be to promote elasticity & moisturise to prepare for breastfeeding in the third trimester. Ideal for Mum and Baby, with gentle, all natural ingredients. 

Shea Butter*, Olive Oil infused with Calendula*, Lavender* & Blessed Thistle*, Apricot Oil (*Certified Organic Ingredient)

Shea Butter - Organic & high in Vitamin E, it moisturises skin & glides on like butter.

Calendula & Blessed Thistle - Naturally anti-bacterial & soothing for skin.

Lavender - Traditionally used to soothe Skin.


Nursing pads don't have to be boring or worse itchy!  
Our breastpads by Miss Mae Studio are super soft, breathable and get softer with each wash! 

Inside each nursing pad is 4 layers - a single layer of bamboo terry, a double layer of super absorbent bamboo terry, a layer of waterproof fabric (PUL) and a pretty and fun cotton design on the outer layer. 
Approx 11cm in size or 4.3" wide

We recommend changing your nursing pads frequently to keep your skin healthy and dry.
- Care - 
Simply put your nursing pads in a wash bag with like colours. 
When you receive your order, we recommend that you wash them before use, as they become more absorbent with each wash.
**Patterns will be chosen at random for orders ** 
Please note some patterns may not be shown.