In June 2015 I was induced with my first child. After a 36 hour labour, 2 hours of pushing, an episiotomy and a forcep delivery, I finally held my beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately, the trauma of the long labour had caused damage to my perineum and I had to have stitches.

Being a first time Mum I had checked off my to-do’s, prepped the nursery but I had forgotten about my own self care!!

The recovery isn’t a conversation you often have while sitting around drinking coffee, so this was all new territory for me (& my sore vagina!).

For the first two weeks, I was waddling more than Donald Duck and my breasts were damaged within days! I was truly a sight to behold! I can very clearly remember having family visit and I had this smile plastered across my face, but I was in so much pain. It’s all about the new baby, right?!

My second labour in 2017 was a lot less intense and thankfully, I didn’t tear, however I was still very swollen and tender. Because of my fears from my first labour, I was armed with a regular squirt bottle (not one specifically for the perineal area) and some huge ‘granny underwear’. Both these helped, however, I couldn’t help but feel that I had let myself down.

That same year I joined a Mum group via social media and we openly spoke about our labour and recoveries. It was then that I realised we all had something in common - a frustration at the lack of awareness of the postpartum recovery. Also, postpartum care products for Mums were not commonly sold in local shops and not everyone lived in areas where they could easily access specialty stores. When they went to place orders through multiple online shops, the shipping costs were more than the products themselves and they decided to exit out and  just ‘grin and bear it’.

By the time we had finished talking, I knew there had to be an easier way to get postpartum care products to new Mums. And that is how After Birth Care was born.

I love being able to partner with like minded people, many of whom are Mums like myself, to bring Mums a sense of ease and control about how they will take care of themselves after birth.